6th of August – XC and Uphill

About 15km north-east of Ansan at Mount Suri, a Mountain, popular with mountain bikers, with a height of about 500 metres, those two outdoor-competitions were held.

5th of August – Relay and 400 metres

The race of 400m took place at 5 pm, where Michael competed. With 1:11.783, he was second behind Andreas Rodler. The Results of the girls U15 were fascinating to us. The winner had a time of under a minute, eight young Japaneses stayed under 1:05. Respect!

4th of August – Jette is 3rd in Coasting Expert

In Coasting, she managed 120 metres. She had never managed to get this far in a competition before. That’s the third place in Expert Female and the first place in U15.

3rd of August – Track Races and X-Style

One of the power days during the UNICON with a densely packed schedule of competitions at different facilities – track races, X-Style, Speedtrail, plattform jumps

2nd of August – Downhill

This morning at seven o’clock, all the competitors of Downhill gathered at Mount Suam. After a short opportunity to survey the track, The Advanced-race started at 9 am. In the end, the track was judged by the riders to be too short and not worthy for a UNICON.

1st of August – Henriette is World Champion in Long Jump

That’s nothing we could have reckoned with! With 2nd place – maybe, but not with the win of the finals. The winning distance was 2.45m. She only barely missed 2.50m.

31st of July – Long Jump at over 50 degrees

There were more than 50 degrees Celsius over the Tartan, when Henriette competed at Long Lump at 1.30 pm. These were tiring conditions, in which hardly any top performance could be made. The result are 2.25m, more just wasn’t possible.

UNICON 19 freestyle videos

Videos of UNICON 19 freestyle competitions ready for download.

30th of July – Practice and Opening Ceremony

In the afternoon there was the parade and the official opening of the World Cup. In the outdoor theater of Hwarang Park, the unicyclists experienced the performance of martial arts groups and dancers.

29th of July – Day 1 of UNICON 19

The sun shined down from a clear sky today. The thermometer showed about 40 degrees. After the Korean breakfast with meat, fish and Kimchi, but luckily also with toast and marmalade, an hour of workshop was scheduled.

What a climate!

What a climate! Taking the first step out of the air-conditioned airport – wow, our breath is caught in our throats. That hot and a that high humidity at once – in our climes you can only find such weather in the tropic house of a zoo.

In icy heights

Right now, we are at an altitude of 11,211m between Irkutsk and Ulanbator. Outside, there are freezing -55 degrees. With about 1,000 km/h we move fast south-east in the direction of the Korean Peninsula.

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