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Right now, we are at an altitude of 11,211m between Irkutsk and Ulanbator. Outside, there are freezing -55 degrees. With about 1,000 km/h and a female flight captain we move fast south-east in the direction of the Korean Peninsula.

There are still about 2,500 km left, about 6,000 km have we left behind. In Korea Republic, it’s 7 am, back at home, the Friday just lets the Saturday take it’s place.

Two rows in front of us, a little Korean boy is giggling. His laughter is infectious, just as much as that of an European boy, and does not differ from that in intonation – a merry giggle. The plane is filled mostly by Koreans. Scattered between them are a few people of non-Asian nativity, including seven of the a little more than 100 German starters in Ansan with their accompanying family members.

For dinner, Kimchi was served as garnish, also a reminiscence to the destination. The hot food wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

The Premium Economy, that we had booked because of the two included free pieces of luggage, has many comfortabilities compared to the “normal” Economy Class, first of all the larger amount of available space, as much for the legs as all around oneself, as the table can be taken out of the generous arm rests. Like that, ones backseater isn’t disturbed by one putting the backrest in a close to lying position, and one isn’t disturbed by the person in front doing the same thing in return.

translated by Henriette Höhne

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